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A Giant Branding Problem

The Branding Problem

You’re idling in traffic in your plain white service van on your way to a client’s house. You should be upbeat, but you’re glum.

You think: How do you convey to prospects that you know your business, that you’re the last word at throwing a party?

Brand promotion is your issue, you realize. Everyone talks party animal, but you’re a Party Giant.

What’s the best way to showcase your electrifying brand? A magazine ad? Too expensive and easily thumbed over. Radio and TV are a fortune, with low returns. Clusters of billboards are ignored.

What to do?

Your Individualized Unique Media Solution

Car and truck wraps gain over 100,000 views a day from prospects. Parked, in traffic, at a client’s place–your brand is always on.

You call Unique Media Solutions and are greeted with an impeccable design solution—vehicle wrapping.

Our designers collaborate with you over a design solution that grabs attention, adds business authority, and promotes your brand’s identity—everywhere you go.

The Results

A wrapped car in a sea of regular vehicles is like a moving billboard that people can’t ignore.

Your brand is always on everywhere you go–at a client’s house, driving, parked.

You notice a 25% sales increase.

Everyone—motorists and pedestrians—now stares at your company vehicle.

(You realize it’s true: wrapped vehicles gain up to 100,000 views a day, depending on market size.)

The cost of your high-quality durable 3M wrap is less than a cup of coffee a day.

Best of all, you smile again, because you’re showing people that you know a good time.

Of course you do.

You’re a Party Giant.

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