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Better than a Fresh Coat of Paint

God may have given you rock and roll, but 3M and UMS give you wraps that look better than paint.

When BinPak came to UMS they were looking for an attractive, durable graphics solution for their trucks. BinPak is a division of Modern Waste Products, an environmental services company (waste disposal), serving Canada and the United States.

They’d considered fresh paint, but paint is expensive, time-intensive, and scratches all too easily. The better answer is a durable 3M wrap to protect the paint beneath.

Better Protection

Your basic paint job is never going to withstand the rigours of what these guys do–compacting garbage. Scratches, nicks, chips are standard fare. That’s why BinPak chose to wrap–to protect the paint beneath the durable 3M vinyl.

Time and again, our clients are stunned by how much better a wrap looks than a fresh coat of paint. Look carefully at this apple green and just how glossy it is.
Now consider if you’d get five years of service from a coat of paint.

You wouldn’t have a devout nun’s prayer of making it through one day without a scratch in BinPak’s line of work.

But all UMS vehicle wraps have an industry-best 5-year warranty.

Better Investment

Clearly not the original colour of the vehicle, but you’d never know it unless you inspected the door panels. While you’re inspecting, check out those seams. Right, you can’t even see them. That’s expert installation.

It comes down to this. A new paint job is going to scratch and look like heck after about one month’s wear and tear. But a vehicle wrap will hold its value and look great for five full years.

Do the math. What’s the better return on investment? A wrap costs much less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day. A paint job is a fortune and is fragile.

>> UMS is a North American design and installation leader in vehicle wrapping. We’ve been in the business since the very beginning and we have the best installers in the business.

If your corporate fleet is looking ratty, then it’s time to consider a durable, glossy wrap of the kind we just did for BinPak.

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