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Blank Spaces = Lost Sales

Don’t Forfeit Business

It’s not just a door. It’s a doorway to increased sales because it promotes your brand.

A blank space is a promotional and sales opportunity. If you’re not using graphics to promote your business, then you’re forfeiting business to your competitor.

We’re never the star of any show. But we provide innovative floor and wall graphics (all sizes and complexity), car wraps for businesses and personal use, and even boat and airplane wraps.

Recently we wrapped an exterior door for the new Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill and Bar.

Congratulations to our friends at Wendel Clark’s for opening this franchise in Concord, Ontario. They could’ve left this door blank, but why not turn it into an eye-catching piece of marketing collateral?

Riveting Graphics Demand Attention

Great graphics mean great sales for your business–no matter what it is. Our clients happily report a 25% sales increase after wrapping their business cars, service trucks, and trailers.

Riveting graphics–like the one of former Toronto Maple Leaf tough guy Wendel Clark–attract prospects’ attention.

It’s not rocket science. People notice slick graphics.

Don’t ignore plain surfaces, like doors, floors, and vehicles. All are potential advertising and brand awareness spaces. Leaving a blank space is a lost promotional opportunity.

Unique Media Solutions offers competitive pricing on all graphics work and has the industry’s leading warranty for vehicle wrapping–5 years!

Fill out the form –or call 905.666.6555–for a free design consultation and get promoting your business more effectively.