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Branding Small Businesses

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Expert Design for Your Business

UMS provides comprehensive branding services, like this logo, for organizations and businesses of all sizes and sectors.

UMS is proud to support small businesses of all sizes because small businesses and independent entrepreneurs are the backbone of our North American economy.

Take FG Machining + Fabrication of Whitby, Ontario. Owner and Operator Fred German recently commissioned us to brand his company.

So our designers consulted with him to capture his vision. Then we designed his logo.

Small Business Packages

Individualized for Your Business

This nifty logo on the side of a pick-up truck grabs prospects’ attention. Lots of them.

We don’t just provide great design, UMS also brands and helps small businesses promote their products and services.

For FG Machining + Fabrication we created an individualized small business package to promote the business.

Truck decals, stickers, business cards, and other support materials have provided an immediate boost to Fred’s revenue generation.

Shortly after performing our work, we followed up with Fred to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

In an email reply, Fred said:

“Everything has been perfect–from the artwork to your customer service. I will be back in the New Year to have some other artwork and logos done. But to just let you know, the service has been outstanding. As a matter of fact, everyone has told me what great work you guys did on my company logo. Outstanding work and done on time too.”

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