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Case Study 2 | Boyle-ing for Generations

A Family Affair
Generations of HVAC Quality

Boyle Heating and Cooling is a legendary company in the city of Peterborough, Ontario. Legendary for for providing quality, affordable, and reliable HVAC solutions for nearly twenty years.

The company is owned by Mike Boyle, the fourth-generation Boyle to work as an HVAC professional. Boyle Heating and Cooling is a successful company by any standard of success–sales, customer loyalty, and enduring reputation.

If Boyle Heating and Cooling ever had a problem, it was that it needed to be brought into contemporary times.

The Problem
Reaching the Next Generation

Owner Mike Boyle determined that he couldn’t rest on his company’s reputation alone. Successful companies work hard at new business development. There would be increasing competition. How best to promote his brand in this tight industry, he wondered.

Mike Boyle realized that he had to promote his business more effectively if he was to reach a younger generation and thereby sustain his business for future Boyles.

21st-Century Branding

Contemporary messaging was part of the answer, he felt. A new website would help. But Mike realized that he had to do more to distance himself from the new HVAC companies he saw. He realized that he needed to promote his brand more effectively–but how?

Newspapers, magazines, billboards provided limited returns. These ads were almost always ignored. And all were expensive.

What We Did
Expanding Business through Brand Awareness

Vans, cube vans, Sprinters, trailers, and small cars–all can become dynamic branding tools.

The moment of recognition for Mike Boyle was while he was out on a service call in his plain service truck. While waiting at a light, he saw a corporate fleet wrap of a service vehicle–the colours, design, splashy logo, and fresh-paint look was captivating.

He called Unique Media Solutions and outlined his problem. We provided a free design consultation and came up with a design mock-up with his company name and logo on it. He liked it and we proceeded.

To this day, though, Mike Boyle recalls being a little skeptical that it would have a real measurable impact. “I decided at first to wrap only one of my service trucks,” he says, “because I wasn’t sure it would work. I was worried it would be like other advertising with low returns.”

“At the time,” he continues, “I had no idea just how many looks a wrapped car or truck gets.”

Up to 100,000 Views Per Day

Depending on market size, you can expect your wrapped vehicle–no matter what kind, or what size–to garner up to 100,000 views a day. In Peterborough, it’s safe to estimate that Boyle Heating and Mechanical pulled in at least 10,000 views per day. If he had continued and left his service vehicles plain, then they’d just be for transportation and parts storage.

Now he had a brand awareness tool that was always on. And his phone was ringing off the wall.

The Result? Nine Wrapped Trucks

All businesses can benefit from car and truck wrapping.

Mike Boyle is now a big believer in vehicle wrapping. From that initial wrap, he has gone on to wrap his entire fleet of nine cars and trucks.

Now, nine Boyle Heating and Cooling vehicles look like billboards on wheels as they move about the city of Peterborough every day and generate calls from prospects in need of his services.

Boyle-ing for Generations to Come
Because of Mike Boyle’s efforts to promote his brand more effectively, he has ensured that his company will continue for generations of Boyles to come.

>> Our clients, like Mike Boyle, report a minimum 25% increase in sales after wrapping their service vehicles. Sample our wide-ranging portfolio or call us for a complimentary, no-obligation design consultation at 1-844-466-6555.