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Corporate Branding Changes

Challenges for Franchisees

UMS installed AireServ’s new look service vehicle wraps on location in Oakville, Ontario, just outside Toronto.

It happens. Head office decides on a new look. Logos and colours change.

Everything changes from your office letterhead to business cards to, most importantly, your service vehicle wraps.

Winning businesses have to refresh their look to stay competitive and rebrand.

Companies that are part of the successful Dwyer Group of Companies, a service-based franchise company, frequently have to change their branding.

That can be a monumental headache for individual operators who really can’t afford to take their trucks off the road for even a single day.

What to do?

Single-Sourced Graphics

Nurse Next Door was dissatisfied with their previous graphics provider. UMS has the fastest turnaround time in the business, which makes Nurse Next Door very happy.

UMS prides itself on providing a broad range of top-quality work so that you don’t have to source individual jobs all over the map.

When you wrap with UMS, you receive comprehensive client care from design through to final installation.

Additional benefits of partnering with UMS:

  • Reduced costs because prices for multiple jobs can be bundled.
  • No headaches–If you have a problem, then it only takes one call to fix the entire project. Your project will never be derailed again.
  • Prompt response–Our turnaround times are fast. Because we integrate the best in client care, design, and installation, it means that we can be more responsive than the 14 other guys you thought about contracting out to.
  • Unmatched warranty–We’ve mentioned this in the past, but it bears repeating: Nobody offers a warranty like we do. Four full yearsof comprehensive protection. That’s an industry-best that will never be matched because our competitors don’t have the ability to backstop their work with such an assurance.
  • North American installation–That’s right, UMS enjoys the best network of 3M Certified and Preferred installers in Canada and the United States. We come to you to install so that your downtime is minimized.
  • Rotation method–UMS understands that you need your trucks on the road, which is why we have devised an effective installation system to ensure you always have a portion of your team on the road driving sales.
  • Brand on file–We keep current on your brand requirements and keep all changes on file so that refreshing your look is a smooth, simple process.

Unmatched Client Experience

UMS has a proven rotation method for rebranding your vehicles so that your business is never interrupted. Call us to learn more.

UMS proudly serves public and private organizations of all sizes and types, small businesses to national corporations.

We provide an unmatched client experience whether your fleet consists of 15 trucks or a single KIA Soul. Discover what some of our clients think.

Call our toll free number or click to request a free quote!



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