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Count the Cost–Coffee or Prime Advertising?

Impressive Impressions
70,000 impressions per month

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling–a new roof or dog biscuits–wrapping promotes your brand like no other method.

Toronto is now the fourth largest market in North America. This many people in the greater Toronto area is bad for traffic but great for your brand.

It’s estimated that an average vehicle in a major metropolitan market will achieve over 700,000 impressions–or views–a month.

That’s incredible volume. No other form of brand promotion offers such access.

And vehicle wrapping is cheaper than all other forms of advertising.

Dare to Compare

Nothing Compares to Vehicle Wrapping

These dogs know great brand promotion when they see it.

No other form of advertising is as effective as mobile advertising, or truck or car wrapping. All businesses can benefit, regardless of size.

Every time you pull into traffic with a captivating wrap, you’re advertising your brand. What other form of media offers such impact?

Radio attracts 900,000 listeners over a period of six weeks with 12 30-second spots. Six weeks and a tremendous outlay of cash. And not everyone listens to the radio. But everyone sees your van or SUV.

TV is too expensive and everybody mutes the commercials–or runs for a beer.

Newspapers or magazines? Thousands and thousands of dollars for a single-shot ad that’s thumbed over by readers.

The Simple Reality
Cheap and Effective

When this guy hits the road, he gets noticed. And called by people looking for a painter. He now gets more requests than God.

The reality is that 96% of Canadians and Americans travel in a vehicle at least once a week–many every day.

Vehicle wrapping gets you the greatest exposure, bar none.

And the cost is less than the cup of a coffee per day. Our wraps are warrantied to last five years, too. Radio, TV, newspaper ads–they’re all over as soon as they begin.

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