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Got Carbon Fiber?

Introducing Carbon Fiber and Brushed Metallic Overlaminates

Fabulous colours meet impact texture with the 3M 8900 series of overlaminates (protects your existing wrap, too).

Looking to add texture to your existing personalized vehicle wrap? Something with a carbon fiber or brushed metallic look?

Look no further. The geniuses at 3M’s labs have just introduced the 8900 series of overlaminates. And UMS is one of the first Canadian companies to obtain these dynamic films.

How They Work

The 8900 carbon fibre overlay beside an existing 3M vinyl base. Pair that hot carbon fiber look with a variety of colour choices.

The 8900 series is designed to work perfectly with existing 3M film products. The 8900 goes over top an existing wrap, adding either a carbon fiber texture or brushed metallic look to the existing base colour.

The 8900 series is ideal for protecting an existing wrap while also adding additional finesse and visual impact to an already slick product.

UMS is a preferred partner with 3M and proudly wraps all types of vehicles–from corporate fleets to personal cars–in high quality, durable 3M films.

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