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Great Weather, Great BBQ, Great Friends—A Great Time!

A Live Gallery of Our Work

Brandon Blancher demonstrates car wrapping at our Open House BBQ.

Thanks to our valued friends who came out last Friday to celebrate the grand opening of our new location. (Don’t worry, we’ve only moved about 50 metres into a larger space).

Looking at our parking lot was like looking at a real life gallery of our past work. And we couldn’t be prouder to see all those service vehicles wrapped so snug in the gleaming sunshine.

Live Wrapping Demonstration

Great burgers and sausages were on the menu, as well as a live demonstration of a vehicle wrap by none other than the best installer in Canada, Brandon Blancher.

Blancher took our training vehicle—a Chevy HHR—and wrapped the hood with a hot brushed-metal blue. We use the HHR as a training vehicle because of its high level of difficulty for wrapping its many bumps and curves

Avoiding Bad Memories

Blancher used knifeless tape and the ‘smile technique’ of moving a soft-surface scraper over the hood. He also cautioned new wrappers against pulling the film too tightly—adding too much ‘memory,’ as he called it. Too much memory means that as soon as the vehicle is exposed to the sun, it will shrink to its original state, causing bubbles, ripped seams, all kinds of trouble.

Too much memory is the number one warranty claim that amateurs try to present to 3M. But it’s not the film that’s the problem—it’s the installation. Do it right the first time. Do it with Unique Media Solutions.

(And get invited to cool BBQs).

Unique Media Solutions backs its vehicle wraps with an industry-leading 5-year warranty. Ready to promote your brand for increased sales? Request a quote.