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Training for Perfection

One of North America’s best seen here giving a public wrap demonstration on our Chevy HHR.

UMS co-founder, partner, and lead graphics installer Brandon Blancher is one of North America’s most elite graphics installers and vehicle wrappers.

Brandon is also a certified 3M trainer. If you want to become a vehicle wrapper in Canada, then odds are you’re going to have to train under Brandon.

And that’s a good thing. Because he’s the best.

Bubbling and Bad Memory

“People don’t realize how precise vehicle wrapping is,” says Brandon. “If you don’t install perfectly, then the wrap will not last a year. You’ll see all kinds of warps, creases, and what we call bubbling and bad memory.”

Bubbling is one of the worst flaws of bad wrapping and results when air and water get under the vinyl–a sure sign of installer ineptitude. A well-installed wrap should look like a new paintjob.

Bad Memory is when the vinyl is over-stretched and indicates that the installer isn’t familiar with the elasticity of the material and how it returns to its former pre-stretched size after cooling.

Staying Sharp on the Chevy HHR

Blancher discussing the art and science of wrapping the difficult Chevy HHR.

To keep his skills sharp and ensure that the best practices are passed on to the next generation, Brandon makes a point of wrapping one of the most difficult vehicles there is.

And then he has his students do it. That vehicle is the Chevy HHR, and Brandon has wrapped ours hundreds of times.

Why this particular make and model? Because of the HHR’s retro styling and many, many curves.

Intricate curves are the most challenging to wrap and require a sophisticated installer to do it right.

If you can install 3M vinyl on an HHR, then odds are you’re a competent installer.

Ever Wrapped an HHR?

Before you get your vehicle wrapped, ask your installer if he or she has every wrapped a Chevy HHR.

If they haven’t, then you need to head somewhere else.

UMS offers the best warranty in the business on our vehicle wraps–4 full years!

Why? Because we have the best installer in the business, that’s why.

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