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Make Way for Matte Red

The New Black is Red

Move over matte black. The new black is red. Matte red, that is.

Watch for more and more hot cars like this Audi S5 we recently wrapped in all matte red.

Very stylish, totally different than Ferrari red, and an immediate head turner.

Even Better than Fresh Paint

A car wrap is a bolder and more affordable alternative to new paint. If you’re bored with your car’s color, then why not consider doing something totally individual, like matte red or more. 3M has an entire array of matte colours now to choose from. Make your hot ride stand out from all the rest with a new wrap.

A new wrap is your best value because painting in matte colors is extremely expensive whereas wrapping costs less than a cup of coffee a day.

Industry’s Best 5 Year Warranty
When You’re the Best, You Back Your Products and Services

UMS wraps everything except for air, water, and live stuff.

Wrapping goes beyond personalization. It also protects the original paint beneath for when your lease is up or it’s time to sell.

Returning that leased car or selling it to get a better one just got a whole lot easier because your wrap protects your paint from rock chips, scratches, and rust.

Don’t forget that all of our wraps come with our industry-best 5-year warranty, which is at least a year longer than a lease agreement.

Now that’s total style. And peace of mind, too.

UMS offers the best warranty in the business because we have the best 3M certified installers.

Did you know that we’ve trained every major installer in Canada? It’s true. We’ve been around since the beginning of vehicle wrapping. (And we’re not going anywhere).

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