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NYC’s Central Park—in Your Dining Room

Central Park in Fall—in Your Dining Room

A walk in the park for our client.

There’s nothing like Central Park in Fall, so when one of our clients returned from a weekend getaway to New York City, she decided to do a mural for her home.

Bringing Central Park Home

The client filled out our form and uploaded her image through our Client Loading Dock. Within 24 hours we had a design consultation with the client and our expert designers about how to take her idea and make it into a reality—how to bring Central Park into her home.

The client had a vision: She wanted to convert a daytime shot of Central Park into a wall mural for her dining room. She had specific ideas about this piece of art. She wanted the mural black and white, with a matte finish, and it had to be durable and hold up to the daily realities of her household (our wall murals can be cleaned with 3M’s citrus-based cleaner).

Perfecting Your Image

Blowing up an image into a large wall mural of twelve by nine feet meant that the photo required adjustments. Our designers digitally altered the photograph, improved its balance, perfected the resolution (as best as they could), and then grey-scaled it to make it black-and-white with a matte finish, as the client requested.

(Look, this just has to be said: Other companies are unlikely to take this kind of care with your image. They’ll take it as is, blow it up, and slap it on your wall—and it’ll be a pixelated mess. Our entire process is different—it’s involved and caring because we want the final product to conform to your original vision. Nothing less.)

Preparing the Surface

Our clients don’t want relief maps of the Swiss Alps for wall murals (unless they want relief maps of the Swiss Alps), so we had to treat the client’s wall to ensure that there would be no bubbles, creases, bulges, or concavities to distract attention from the great image.

The goal—which we achieved—was for the client to run her hand down the wall and not feel anything beneath—not a particle, nothing but glass-smooth wall.

Enter our expert installers. They prepped the painted drywall using Xacto knives to remove ridges and bumps. Then they took a 3M Scotch Brite cleaning pad to it using a solution of Isopropyl alcohol and water to get residual particulate and to ensure a bond between wall and mural that’s closer than most marriages.

Final Installation

We used 3M Scotchcal Film for the digitally printed mural itself and then covered it with an overlay matte laminate to reduce gloss and protect the print. The final effect was like walking right into Central Park from the client’s dining room, a type of art that tricks the eye called tromp l’oeil.

“Oh my God, it’s like being back in Central Park,” she enthused on her final inspection.
Do you have a cherished picture or stock image you’d like to use as home art? We’d love to hear your vision today so that we can make it a reality tomorrow. Fill out our form, upload your image, or request a no obligation quote.