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Partnering for Better Branding

Sales Surge

Haul more than tools and supplies to the jobsite. Haul in some prospects who can’t help but check out your brand.

Sometimes when our clients come in to wrap another service vehicle, they’ll mention that they were initially hesitant to get their wraps done because they assumed that a wrap would be expensive.

Friends like Boyle Heating and Cooling and Lawnscape started slow but ended up wrapping their entire fleets because of the obvious benefits of wrapping—the first being a strong surge in sales.

Less Than a Cup of Coffee a Day

Big business or small business–all businesses benefit from slick car wraps.

The simple reality is that it costs less than a cup of coffee a day for an expertly designed and installed car or truck wrap.

Even the most stern money-man would have to agree that it’s a tremendous value for what you get:

Branding that can’t be turned off.

Co-Pay Your Way
Sharing wrapping costs with your supplier

Still, some of our clients have discovered ways to share the cost of a wrap.

Some clients, like roofers, use a particular brand of shingle, so they put the manufacturer’s logo on their wrap.

The shingle manufacturer then subsidizes—or co-pays—the cost of the wrap in return for the great advertising and brand awareness that comes with their name on the wrap.

It makes great business sense. You get your wrap and you get the already reasonable price partly covered by a business partner.

Certainly worth investigating.

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