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Your Peak Season’s Almost Here

This arctic blast won’t last. Spring is thirty days away. Your peak season’s nearly here–are you ready? Landscapers, roofers, painters, it’s time to get your brand ready for your big season and ensure that this year is your best for revenue generation.

Your Number 1 Branding Move

Wrapping your service trucks with your logo with a durable, eye-catching 3M vinyl with superior graphics will add at least 25% to your sales. All of our clients report increased sales. Boyle HVAC went from one wrapped vehicle to nine in no time because of the promotional power of vehicle wrapping.

It’s a billboard on wheels that people notice wherever you are–on the job site, picking up supplies, at home. It’s always on. People who are looking for roofers are more inclined to call a roofer with a wrapped truck over those who aren’t wrapped. It’s proven.

Ask Before You Sign

Before you get your trucks wrapped, be sure to ask two important questions about your quote. Not all quotes are equal, so this is what you need to ask:

Are Materials Included?

Wrapping requires significant amounts of 3M vinyl, which isn’t cheap, as well as seam sealers and other materials. Most wrap companies don’t include the cost of materials in their quotes, which makes their pricing look really good. Just be sure to check if materials are included–many times they’re not.

Would You Like Installation with That?

Yeah, surprisingly enough, these same companies don’t include the cost of installation in thier quotes. So of course their quotes look great on paper because they’re not including materials and labour, or they’re strategically omitting one or the other. And then they hammer you at invoice time. Talk about sticker shock.

Unique Media Solutions–Integrity Since the Beginning

Unique Media Solutions clearly indicates the cost of all materials and installation on our detailed quotes. Our pricing is among the most competitive in the industry–less than the cost of a coffee a day. And you will not find better installers in Canada.

Let the originals handle your wrap. We’ve been doing this since the industry was born. We train installers for 3M who go on to compete with us. You don’t want your wrap coming off in a stiff breeze. Or shrinking on a sunny day. Do it right the first time.

48 Hours to a Prospect-Generating Machine

Let us help you get your brand revved up for your peak season! In less than 48 hours we can take a plain Ford F150 or Sprinter and give you a prospect-generating machine (that holds your tools, too).

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