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Yahoo Finance recently reported on the big trend with fast-food restaurants throughout North America–revamped dining rooms.

Restaurants have discovered that inviting, attractive dining rooms make patrons more likely to linger. The more they linger, the more they spend.

Clean, contemporary dining rooms generate increased revenue for all restaurants, not just the fast food ones. However, a challenge to achieving the right look for these restos is affording the downtime to renovate.

Update Your Look without Paint, Sledgehammers, or Drywall Dust

UMS offers a graphics solution for restaurants that doesn’t involve paint, sledgehammers, or drywall dust–3M vinyl architectural solutions.

3M offers the most comprehensive line of superior visual products for architects and designers and restaurants. Walls, ceilings, counters, and doors can all be covered with attractive and removable 3M vinyls.

We can install countless colors, finishes, and textures for every conceivable application–burger bar or wine bar.

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