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RIP Road-Salt

Vehicle Wrapping = Asset Protection

Our friends at Specified Roofing have been protecting their fleet vehicles by wrapping for years now. It just makes good business sense.

We were speaking with a mechanic friend the other day and the conversation turned to vehicle preparation for the long cold winter that’s sure to descend on us—probably much like last year’s.

“Salt’s impact can be seen on vehicles as young as three to five years old”

He mentioned how badly corroded many of the vehicles are that he sees—particularly service and fleet trucks, which are rarely washed. Salt’s impact, he said, can be seen on vehicles as young as three years old.

When talking about vehicle wraps with our clientele, most people think of the obvious and immediate returns on their investment—like compelling brand engagement, the low cost of wrapping, effective 24-hour mobile advertising, and immediate 25% increase in sales.

Asset Protection

But there’s more. Asset protection.

Before we wrap a vehicle, it is first carefully washed in our installation bay—or yours (we travel). Then it’s carefully wiped with isopropyl alcohol to remove the finest of particulate. Your paint coming in will be precisely the same five years later when we remove your wrap—provided you don’t power-wash the wrap or set it on fire or . . . .

A 3M vehicle wrap, expertly installed by our North American industry-leading installers, goes on snug and protects against road-salt, rock chips, and scratches. All the things that service trucks are typically prone to.

All options considered, a vehicle wrap is your best bet for vehicle protection. Stop paying extra charges to leasing companies for minor incidental damage that can easily be avoided. Wrap up for complete peace of mind. You have better things to worry about than road-salt, after all.

Like running your business.

>> We back our vehicle wraps with our industry-best, five-year warranty, which is longer than most lease agreements. Request a quote today and beat the Fall rush.