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Rubbing Out Graffiti

Adding Beauty to Hamilton’s Urban Renewal Project

We were recently contacted by the City of Hamilton because of our graffiti-abatement work for the City of Toronto. Soon we will be wrapping a number of streetboxes for Hamilton’s pilot project.

(You can read this Toronto Star article about how we partnered with Toronto and prominent Toronto artists to wrap Toronto’s traffic stop-light control boxes–effectively rubbing out graffiti and adding beauty to Toronto’s urban landscape.)

Now the City of Hamilton is standing up to taggers in their downtown core, which is experiencing significant development.

Adding street art draws people back downtown and encourages private development and investment.

Art images now replace unsightly industrial-looking streetboxes at major intersections in Toronto and soon will in Hamilton, too.

Wrapped boxes discourage graffiti tagging because tagging doesn’t appear well against the backdrop of the art image.

Boxes that do become tagged are easily cleaned up because of the innovative combination of 3M’s clear vinyl overlay and its citrus-based cleaner that wipes away tags.

The Hammer Rises

Many might not realize it, but the City of Hamilton has an impressive array of heritage architecture. It also, like many of Canada’s large cities, has lost many of those buildings to demolition.

Soon downtown streetboxes will be wrapped with images from Hamilton’s historic past–celebrating the City’s past achievements while promoting today’s vibrant renewal.

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