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Single-Source Graphics Solutions

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UMS provides total graphics solutions for all businesses and organizations.
Because we have so many clients in the auto industry–like leasing companies and dealerships–people frequently think that all we do is wrap vehicles.

But just because we’re the best vehicle-wrapping company in Canada–and maybe the United States, too–doesn’t mean that’s all we do.

UMS provides a vast array of graphics solutions for businesses and organizations small and large.

We’re proud to say that we are a single-source graphics solution because we provide:

  • Window, wall, and floor graphics for commercial applications for the private and public sectors.
  • Branding support for small businesses (lawn signs, decals and stickers, laptop wraps, and signage).
  • Anti-graffiti protection for urban infrastructure for large communities like Toronto and Hamilton.

And, yes, we do award-winning vehicle wraps. Plenty of them.

Client Benefits of Single-Sourced Graphics

UMS prides itself on providing a broad range of top-quality work so that you don’t have to source individual jobs all over the map.

The benefits of staying with one provider include:

  • Reduced costs because prices for multiple jobs can be bundled.
  • No headaches–If you have a problem, then it only takes one call to fix the entire project. Your project will never be derailed again.
  • Prompt response–Our turnaround times are fast, and because we integrate the best in client care, design, and installation, it means that we can be more responsive than the 14 other guys you thought about contracting out to.
  • Unmatched warranty–Nobody offers a warranty like we do. Five full years of comprehensive protection. That’s an industry-best that will never be matched because our competitors don’t have the ability to backstop their work with such an assurance.

Comprehensive Services

Our award-winning graphics add immediate brand appeal for small businesses.
Do you have a drab window space that you’d like to use to promote your business? We can do that.

Do you need a new logo or branding for your business? We do that too.

Need graphics of all sizes and scales? Got that too.

(And, yes, we do vehicle wrapping).

>> Are you tired of working with a number of suppliers, none of them very competent?

It’s time to house all of your graphics and branding needs under one roof.
Call UMS at 905.666.6555 or fill out our form to obtain a free design consultation.
What will your unique media solution look like?