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Specialty Graphics–Beyond Wrapping

Client Collaboration

Superior Design

This client got exactly what he had in mind once our lead designer turned the client concept into a stunning reality.

As a design and installation leader in vehicle graphics of all styles and formats, UMS frequently gets requests for vehicle customization.

Many times our clients have a general idea in mind. At our design consultation, these ideas are transformed into real design concepts, resulting in eye-catching individualized graphics, like this Dodge pick-up truck.

Long-Lasting Application

4 Year Warranty

Superior design + unparalleled installation makes UMS the hands-down graphics leader in North America.

All of our specialty graphics are installed or supervised by our head of graphics installation, Brandon Blancher, one of the most accomplished and veteran 3M installers in Canada and the United States.

Our graphics are backed by our industry-best 4 year warranty.

Above the Rest

Beyond Cars and Trucks

UMS can customize any vehicle with your personal style.

UMS wraps almost everything (except water and live stuff). Yes, we decal and wrap cars and trucks and trailers and buses of all sizes and shapes, but we also provide exceptional individualized graphics for boats, planes, Sea-Doos, and helicopters (like the one pictured at right).

Standing Out

Your Personal Style

UMS’s lead designer collaborated with the client to design this slick water mark graphic, adding visual interest to this cool chopper.

Your car (or truck, boat, plane, helicopter) is a representation of you. It’s your identity.

Adding customized graphics to your vehicles makes you stand out from all the rest–on the road, on water, or in the sky.

It makes you distinctive. So put your personal mark on your vehicles today with a individualized graphics solution from UMS.

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