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The High Cost of Low Prices

True Value

Everyone wants a great price, no matter what the good or service. Few things are better than true value–obtaining excellence at a fine price. But that’s a rare thing.

You Really do Get what You Pay for

Low pricing has its costs. Expressions like the one in the photograph and ‘you get what you pay for’ are especially true in our business. There are many new companies out there who try to buy your patronage through low prices.

On the other end, though, is a poor product that won’t last or gain you business because of the mediocre design and bad installation.

An Art and a Science

There is both an art and a science to vehicle wrapping. It’s not like putting a decal on a car. 3M spends millions on research and development to create films with intricate properties (high lustre and clarity, anti-grafitti, architectural finishes, and more). Trained professionals are required to install these films.

Bad Wraps Cost

Bubbling, seam-fraying, misalignment of film. These are the obvious signs of poor workmanship. You got it cheap, sure. But you’ll be redoing the job in a year because of either poor installation or the wrong application (using a film for a use it wasn’t designed for).

Effective Branding for Long-Term Business Success

Companies that understand business are the ones who last. These are the companies who brand effectively, do good work, and charge fair prices.

Classic textbook business principles that make a company last because of referrals and repeat clients.

A Billboard on Wheels

Our friends at Bry Ron Contracting have been in business for over 50 years. You won’t find them online, either. But they know how to promote themselves through effective design and quality installation of their fleet’s vehicle wraps.

This is a design that we’re particularly proud of–it’s crisp and attention grabbling and cleanly puts the brand in the prospect’s mind.

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