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Great Work + Great Branding = 50 Years of Business

Three of Bry Ron Contracting’s eye-catching trucks. You can be in business in 50 years, too.

Last week we wrapped some pick-up trucks for our good friends, Bry Ron Contracting LTD of Ajax, Ontario.

Bry Ron is celebrating its 50th Anniversary in business this year, which means two things: they do great work and they know how to promote their brand.

100,000 Views a Day

The guys at Bry Ron know that their service pick-ups are always on the road, at job sites, picking up guys and supplies–in other words, those trucks are always visible.

Bry Ron’s trucks get about 100,000 looks a day. That’s amazing brand promotion for less than the price of a cup of coffee a day.


Tax Write-off and Co-Branding

Our wraps don’t just look great, they also protect your vehicles from scratches, rock-chips, and rust.

Two things to consider:

1. Tax Write-off:

Wrapping is a tax write-off, so you’re really getting the wrap for no cost to you.

2. Co-Branding:

Many roofers, landscapers, contractors, and HVAC guys get the cost of their wraps partially covered by companies whose products they use.

If you use a certain brand of shingle, then the manufacturer will want their name on your truck, which means that they’ll partner with you to pay for part of the cost of the wrap.

48 Hours to Increased Sales

Calling all roofers, landscapers, and seasonal trades. Now’s the time to get ready for your busy season.

Bring your truck in and let’s have a no obligation talk about designing an effective vehicle wrap that showcases your brand.

You give us 48 hours and we’ll give you a 25% increase in sales.


Fill out quote form and let us know what kind of truck you drive.