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UMS Boxes Out Graffiti

UMS Helps Cities Rub Out Graffiti

Light up your urban environment by wrapping ugly industrial traffic control boxes.

UMS is proud to partner with the city of Toronto and Hamilton in wrapping their traffic control boxes in attractive graphics with 3M anti-graffiti laminates.

Local Art and Heritage Photographs

Toronto chose two local artists’ work to display on their traffic control boxes. Hamilton selected photographs of heritage sites and historical moments for theirs. All of the boxes have been transformed into urban works of art.

The real beauty of wrapping these boxes is that it discourages tagging. Taggers avoid wrapped boxes because their tags don’t appear very well against the vibrant graphics.

Winning the War on Graffiti

Benefits of Wrapping Traffic Control Boxes

Celebrate your city’s past and add beauty to the downtown streetscape.

Wrapping boxes helps forward-thinking cities win the war on graffiti.

But there are additional benefits for cities:

Beauty: Wrapping transforms dingy and rusty boxes into works of municipal art.

Local Art: Wrapped traffic control boxes showcase local art throughout your downtown–and support a city’s art scene.

Economical: Wrapped boxes mean no more costly painting over graffiti or expensive labour hours. Talk about great ROI!

Easy Maintenance: Our 3M citrus-based cleaner removes graffiti from wraps effortlessly.

UMS Installs Anywhere in Canada!

Good bye graffiti and hello local art.

We print the designs at our Whitby facility and then install the wraps on-site. In nearly any weather condition and on new or old boxes. Busy intersection or quiet neighbourhood. Anywhere in Canada!

Did you know?

Last year UMS completed 40 traffic control box installations in the field!

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