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UMS Year in Review

Measuring Success through Client Care

Your Silent Partner

Supporting our clients by improved branding is the only measure of success that matters at UMS.

UMS never sits idle. We never assume repeat business.

That’s why we establish long-term relationships with our partners and clients. 100% client satisfaction is how we measure client care.

Each year, we take stock and evaluate our client care over the past year.

Enjoy this Year in Review blogpost as we show you the many ways that we support our clients’ branding and graphics needs, like Mercedes-Benz of Peterborough and Party Giant, two brands in need of refreshing.

We were glad to be their silent partner this year.

Corporate Wrapping

Re-branding North America’s Biggest Brands

That yellow looks like fresh, glossy paint, doesn’t it? But it’s a wrap, which means it’s protecting the paint beneath. Now that’s smart corporate restructuring.

UMS is proud to say that this year we helped rebrand large companies like Enbridge, BinPak, and Bry Ron Contracting.

Smart corporate deciders know that corporate fleet wrapping is a wise ROI because a wrap:

  1. Protects your fleet’s base-coat paint from rust and scratches.
  2. Represents the cheapest and most effective form of advertising.
  3. Garners up to 100,000 views per day in large markets like the greater Toronto area.

Small Business Wrapping

Supporting Local Businesses

Our award-winning designers created this hot brand for AlphaPro Painting. He gets more work than the Devil now.

Small businesses are the economic engine that has made the United States and Canada into strong economies.

This year, UMS created a series of individualized Small Business Packagesto help small companies launch their brands.

Click here to see how this painter got himself four jobs before he backed out of his driveway the day after he wrapped with us.

Let’s just say he’s cooking with gas now.

Commercial Graphics

Serving the Private and Public Sectors

Looks like real stone-work, doesn’t it? But it’s a wrap. UMS transforms tired surfaces for commercial applications all the time–it’s a quick, economical, and clean choice for businesses of all scales.

2015 was a great year for UMS and our corporate and public-sector partners.

We were thrilled to be called by 3M–the most innovative company in the world–to do the graphics for their booth at the Restaurants Canada Show held in Toronto.

But the highlight of the year was our partnership with the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.

We did far too much work for the Games to list here, but you can sample the breadth of our graphics work here.

New Printer

Increased capacity and printing quality were added this year at UMS to serve you better. Everywhere in Canada and the US of A.

This year, UMS added a new printer to our shop to serve our clients better and faster.

UMS is now a leader in providing single-source graphics solutionsthroughout Canada and the United States.

3M Competition Award Winner

3M Extreme Wrap Challenge winner Cameron Blancher, one of the world’s top graphics installers. And he’s all ours, baby.

Capping a year of unparalleled success was our sweep of the 3M Extreme Wrap Challenge, announced at a gala event at Toronto’s CN Tower.

Read about how our own Cameron Blancher was put through the 3M paces and wrapped three difficult items to win this prestigious award.

Wishing your Organization a Strong New Year

Best Holiday Wishes from UMS

Wishing your Organization a Strong New Year

Best Holiday Wishes from UMS

Strong partnerships–like between UMS and 3M–result in increased revenues.

UMS is there for you, providing all of your organizational and business branding graphics solutions.

Why not transform a tired-looking brand this year for increased sales?

How about gaining a serious competitive advantage over the competition in 2016?

2016 can be your year in partnership with UMS.

Call 905.666.6555 or click for a free consultation.


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