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What the Heck and New Wrap Offers

UMS is proud to be a partner with the Dwyer Group of Companies. UMS wishes the Dwyer Group a happy new year and prosperous 2016!

To help the individual franchises of the Dwyer Group out, we’ve created two promotions:

(1) Our What the Heck offer
Get $150 off the price of a full-vehicle wrap!
Open to all Dwyer Group franchises!


(2) Our New Wrap offer
Get $200 off your first full-vehicle wrap
Open to all Dwyer Group franchises who’ve never wrapped with us before!

If you haven’t wrapped with UMS–or if it’s been awhile–now’s the time.

Our turnaround time is fast because UMS has most Dwyer logos on file.

We come to you and install anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

We have the best warranty in the business: 5 years, no-questions-asked.

>> Click to see how wrapping his truck was the best branding move this painter ever made.

Call 905.666.6555 or fill out our online form to obtain your special offer discount on your full-vehicle wrap from UMS.

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