Captivating, Dynamic, Resonating

Unique Media Solutions partners with cities and businesses throughout the United States and Canada for the design and installation of high-impact graphics.

Promote your events and seasonal promotions with murals, signs, banners, golf signs, pop-up signs, and street and sidewalk graphics of all sizes and intensity. Get noticed. And generate more sales for your business, donations for your non-profit, hope for your cause.

High-Impact Graphics

More and more companies and organizations of all industries and sizes are using stunning 3M graphics to promote their messaging with high-impact, visually appealing graphics. From production companies promoting a movie’s release, to sports-drinks and snack-food brands, to professional sports teams, and auto-makers, large-format and specialty graphics command instant attention and active viewer engagement.

Research shows that specialty graphics are recalled by viewers six months after a promotional campaign. This residual advertising cannot be duplicated by any other media and provides an astounding value for your enterprise. If you want to be noticed–and remembered–then it’s time to captivate your market audience with compelling graphics.

Air, water, live stuff–that’s about all we won’t wrap. Check out our Idea Book for all the rest.

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