Specialty Wraps

Superior Graphics for Brand Recognition + Increased Sales

Nothing commands the attention of consumers better than an exceptionally designed and installed specialty graphic. Market research proves that over 82% of prospects recall a graphics campaign six weeks later. (TV commercials are forgotten within 30 seconds). Now that’s brand recognition!

Delivering World-Class Graphics Across North America

We are unlimited in our capability to deliver world-class interior and exterior graphics. See our Idea Book for high-profile, large format graphics, like the 2015 Toronto Pan American games display, or the University of Toronto’s Varsity Stadium installation.

Unique Media Solutions provides stunning graphic solutions of all scales and complexity for varied clients including sports leagues, the Canadian Forces, multi-national corporations, and small to medium-sized businesses of all types.

Our clients consistently report an immediate surge in consumer engagement with their brand after our graphics installation.

Boost your brand awareness today!

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