Vehicle Wraps

Branding + Increased Sales for all Enterprises

National corporation or small business, it doesn’t matter. You’re never too big or too small to take full advantage of vehicle wrapping. Our clients report spectacular results in as little as one month after wrapping. Increased lead generation, more phone calls, more website views.

Most importantly, our clients report a minimum 25% increase in sales. Now that’s difficult to argue with.

Here’s what a Unique Media Solutions vehicle wrap can do for your business

Engage people while they are out of the house and on the path to purchase.

Captivate prospects through unexpected creative graphics without media competition
(no billboards, no ads—just your brand standing out).

Impact prospects through the influence of innovative graphics and brand promotion.

Ensure brand recall for prospects long after seeing your vehicles (82% remember wrapped vehicles as opposed to 67% who recall TV ads).

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