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Why Wrapping is Right For Leasing Companies

Total Customer Service

Unique Media Solutions is proud to partner with automotive leasing companies like Jim Peplinski Leasing, Mercedes-Benz, and Quest Automotive Leasing to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Many tradespeople are leasing Transits, Sprinters, and similar service vans for their businesses. But these plain white vans require branding of the kind only Unique Media Solutions can provde: Vehicle wrapping that has captivating graphics, with high-quality 3M materials, and installed by the best installers in the industry.

The Challenge

Many tradespeople don’t brand their service vans because they want to get their new vehicles on the road so they can work. They don’t want to make a second stop to have their vehicles wrapped. And they don’t want another outlay of cash for their wraps after leasing their vans. They want to earn, not spend.

The Unique Media Solution
One-Stop Shopping

Unique Media Solutions provides a unique opportunity for leasing companies to provide greater customer service. Our partner leasing companies:

  • Incorporate the cost of wrapping into the leasing cost
  • Send the vans over to us for branding before customer delivery
    This way, tradespeople pick up their new vans already branded with the cost of the wrapping service incorporated into the leasing cost. No time lost for the client. No outlay of cash for the client. Captivating branding of the vehicle already done, which draws a minimum 25% sales increase.

Don’t believe us? Then see this story about a painter who got four jobs before backing out of his driveway–all because of his truck wrap.

Benefits for Leasing Companies

Leasing companies get to promote themselves as client-centred. And they can add a small branding fee on top of the leasing cost, which they can give to their sales team to encourage better results.

Companies that set themselves apart as providing high-quality, affordable leasing vehicles that are already branded and wrapped, stand out from their competition.

Providing good ROI and total customer service ensures that your tradespeople will return after their leases expire.

Benefits for Lease-Holders

One-stop shopping for vehicles, design, and quality graphic wraps that promote your business.

Low costs for leasing and branding–a vehicle costs less than a cup of coffee a day.

Now imagine that minor cost tucked into the life of your lease. Extra money for tools and supplies, so that you can earn.

5-year Warranty on all Vehicle Wraps

Unique Media Solutions is home to the industry’s best 5-year warranty on all vehicle wraps. That’s longer than most lease terms.

If you’re a leasing company representative, call us at 844.466.6555 to discuss the many ways that we can help add value for your customers’ experience.

Got a van or truck that you want to turn into a total branding tool–a billboard on wheels? Fill out the form for a free design consultation.

What will your unique media solution look like?