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Wrapping the 3M Booth in Toronto

Partnering with 3M

Unique Media Solutions offers more than dynamic vehicle wrapping. Recently, our good friends at 3M asked us to partner with them in the creation of their display booth at the Restaurants Canada Show. Unique Media Solutions is proud to be a graphics installation partner for 3M.

If 3M Picks You, You’re Somebody

Nothing legitimizes a graphics company like ours more than an invitation from the most innovative company on earth to design and install display booth graphics.

Our design and installation team used 3M’s new Envision 480 CV3 film, a highly durable and versatile film with exceptional clarity.

3M Envision 480 Film–Clarity and Durability

The Envision 480 film resists tearing and prints with a high lustre clarity, making it ideal for high wear-and-tear restaurant dining rooms, as well as vehicle wrapping applications for boats, trades’ trucks, buses, and public transit shelters.

Passing the Test

Nothing tests a graphics company’s abilities better than a display booth for a company like 3M. (Let’s just say that the installation had better be beyond superb if you want to get another call.)

Comprehensive Graphics Solutions

Unique Media Solutions provides comprehensive graphics for all companies of all sectors.

We do interior and exterior illuminated signs of all complexity and sizes. And we do wall murals, like the stonework in the picture, for residential, restaurant, healthcare, professional office, and commercial applications.

Nothing draws customers’ attention like exceptionally designed and installed graphics. Visitors to the 3M booth remarked time and again that they thought the stone was real until they touched it.

>> Do you have a worn-looking showroom, dining room, or office space? Don’t want to spend a fortune renovating it?

Consider an economical architectural finish refresher that keeps the dust away, costs down, and provides an unbeatable look. Call us toll free today: 844.466.6555