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Wrapping up KEDD’s Contemporary Design Festival

King East Design District ‘3d Parti’ Design Festival

Contemporary cabinetry at the 2014 KEDD Contemporary Design Festival

It was great to come out and support our friend and one of Toronto’s most acclaimed visual artists, Gary Taxali, at the King East Design District’s ‘3d Parti’ Contemporary Design Festival on September 20.

Funky Furniture with a Taxali Overlay

Contemporary furniture with a custom Gary Taxali overlay.

Unique Media Solutions wrapped unique kitchen cabinets, contemporary condominium furniture, and panels with Gary Taxali’s award-winning illustrations.

Graphics Installer of Choice for Gary Taxali

Unique Media Solutions is proud to be the graphics installer of choice for Gary Taxali and Toronto’s celebrated arts and design events and districts.

Unique Media Solutions provides specialty graphics for all sectors, commercial and public. Got a design vision? Request a no-obligation quote today.