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Wrapping Your World

Unique Media Solutions is North America’s first choice for corporate fleet vehicle wrapping. We wrap service fleets of all sizes, one service vehicle to fifty—or more. But did you know that we’ll come to your door to wrap your fleet?

North American-wide Network

Because of our vast network of 3M Preferred installers (in Canada) and 3M Certified installers (in the USA), we can wrap your fleet anywhere in Canada and the United States.

Beautiful British Columbia

Just recently we were called out by a franchisee of Rainbow International Restoration in beautiful Invermere, British Columbia (southwest of Calgary), to wrap the franchisee’s entire fleet of nine service vehicles, including one trailer. The owners of the professional restoration company were thrilled with the results—especially the result of increased sales.

Wrapping to Boost Your Bottom Line

The power of mobile advertising, or out-of-home advertising, in the form of vehicle wrapping cannot be underestimated. Our clients routinely report a25% increase in sales immediately after having their company vehicles wrapped. That just makes sense. One wrapped vehicle can draw as many as 100,000 views per day, depending on market size.

>> Our wraps are backed by our industry-best, five-year warranty, which is longer than the life of most lease agreements. Request a quote today for exceptional brand promotion and increased sales for your company.