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Your Competition Sucks

They can’t weld, wire, or roof better than you.

But they’re promoting their brand.

(And taking your business.)

Your competition is promoting themselves better than you. So they’re taking your business—even though they suck at what they do.

Here’s a fact: Our clients who wrap their service vehicles notice an immediate 25% increase in sales.

Here’s why:

Wrapped service vehicles draw an average of 100,000 views per day—while you’re on the road or while your crews are on the roof or snaking a drain. It’s called mobile advertising and it means that your brand is always on. (Even when you’re not).

Wrapped vehicles:

Generate a 25% increase in sales after wrapping.
Provide 24/7 brand promotion.
Cost less than a cup of coffee a day.
Give your brand the edge over your inept competitors.

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