At Unique Media Solutions our focus is doing what it takes to develop and nurture long-term relationships with our valued clients. UMS achieves this by:

1. Treating our clients in the manner in which we at UMS would want to be treated.

Treating our clients in the manner in which we at UMS would want to be treated. Our clients are number one to us, we here at UMS treat our clients as such.

2. Invested in Our Clients Success

Our team at UMS focuses their energy on providing our clients with the ultimate graphic solutions to help ensure they stand out! At UMS we gain satisfaction in knowing our solutions have met and surpassed client expectations.

3. Quality, Quality, Quality

  • UMS utilizes the highest quality, specially trained, 3M certified installers to service our clients needs all over North America.
  • UMS uses only the highest quality 3M technologies, with the warranties to back them.
  • Our experienced team focuses on meeting superior quality standards to meet the best interests of our clients.

4. 100% Collaboration with our Clients

Years of experience has taught our team that in order to meet and surpass our clients objectives we need to create strong relationships with our clients. This collaboration ensures open communication and dialogue necessary to achieve the clients desired outcome.


Win #1 – Clients win by receiving the optimal solution that will surpass their intended objectives.

Win #2 – Clients win by receiving incredible value for their investment in the partnership with Unique Media Solutions.

Win #3  – Clients win by receiving a tremendous return on investment from the solutions UMS has custom designed for them.

As an added bonus

Win #4 – Clients win by receiving peace of mind in knowing Unique Media Solution will consistently go above and beyond what is expected to satisfy our clients objectives.

Unique Media Solutions provides award winning, comprehensive branding solutions, signage, and commercial graphics for every occasion and business model. We also provide specialty graphics, and paint protection film to your special vehicles. Partner with our team to grab your prospects’ attention today.